▸About Me

Frederick Brandes is a German-Welsh singer, performer and vocal coach. After taking first piano lessons at age 6, he took on the trombone at age 9 and continued playing both instruments throughout his time in secondary school.

In addition to playing instruments, Frederick has also joined many choirs, including the State Youth Choir Hesse and the chamber choir of the Goethe University Frankfurt as well as playing the trombone in various ensembles and big bands.

Frederick studied classical singing under Elizabeth Richards and Richard Staab at the Akademie für Tonkunst Darmstadt, joining the opera school and appearing in stage productions at the local State Theatre. He soon changed his focus to musical theatre, joining productions throughout Germany. After his studies he continued his training through part-time courses, workshops and masterclasses throughout Germany and the UK.

Frederick has also taken on many other roles in productions, staging shows as producer, assistant producer, musical director and vocal coach as well as working as part of the production teams of various other productions.

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▸The Performer

Loriots Gesammelte Werke
Comedian Harmonist
Dr. Jack Seward
The Count of Monte Christo *
Albert de Morcerf
Elisabeth – die Legende einer Heiligen *
Chaplin: The Musical **
Peter Pan: A Musical Adventure **
The Girl in the Mirror †
The Apple Tree **
Flip, the Prince, Charming
mm/yyyy †
Artist.I.Friend ** (art film)
The Actor

* high school or amateur production
** college production or other semi-professional
† workshop production

▸Behind the Scenes

Montags: Jennifer *
stage manager
Peter Pan: A Musical Adventure **
choir director, vocal coach, stage manager
Requiem für eine Bestie *
assistant producer, musical director, vocal coach
ALEX - Or What Happened On The Train To London

* high school or amateur production
** college production or other semi-professional


This space is reserved for recordings.

Lots of recordings!!

▸Other Work


ALEX - Musical Theatre - to be performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2021
Dance of the Marsupials - Sonatina for Violin and Piano in D Minor - for violin and piano (sheet music) (MIDI file)
Jazzy Composition No 1 - for two reed instruments and piano (sheet music) (MIDI file)
Variation Over A Minimal Music Inspired Theme - for solo piano (YouTube) (sheet music)
Quest of the Cornflake - for the Ludum Dare video game of the same name (MIDI file)


Der Zauberwald - Video game voiceover for KOM@TU Darmstadt


Ouverture des Fracs-Juges by H. Berlioz - full score (full score excerpt)
Epic II from Hadestown - full score (full score excerpt) (piano reduction excerpt)
The Life I Lead from Mary Poppins - piano reduction + vocals (piano reduction excerpt)


Frederick Brandes

Hauptstr. 4
64665 Alsbach-Hähnlein