▸About Me

Frederick Brandes is a German-Welsh singer, actor and theatre creative. Since graduating from the Akademie für Tonkunst, Darmstadt in 2019 with a major in classical singing, he has been involved in a number of stage and screen productions in the UK and Germany.

Predominantly a performer of musical and movement theatre, Frederick has also performed in art films and been involved in the writing, devising and producing of a number of stage and screen productions.

He is currently working on a revised workshop production of The Girl in the Mirror in cooperation with Tatjana Sandhöfer, with whom he founded the theatre production company Briefcase Theatre Productions, and is currently the choirmaster of the German-Lutheran Church in East London as well as working as a Software Developer for Virtual Reality company WeezyVR.

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Sppotlight: 1111-6721-7145

▸The Performer

Comedian Harmonist
The Girl in the Mirror †
The Apple Tree: Passionella *
Flip, the Prince, Charming
mm/yyyy †
art improv
Artist.I.Friend * (art film)
The Actor
Beautiful Mind
* college production
† workshop production

▸Behind the Scenes

Peter Pan: A Musical Adventure
choir director, vocal coach, stage manager
assistant producer, musical director, vocal coach


Vocal Reel
Acting Reel

▸Other Work


ALEX - Musical Theatre - performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2021
Dance of the Marsupials - Sonatina for Violin and Piano in D Minor - for violin and piano (sheet music) (MIDI file)
Jazzy Composition No 1 - for two reed instruments and piano (sheet music) (MIDI file)
Variation Over A Minimal Music Inspired Theme - for solo piano (YouTube) (sheet music)


Der Zauberwald - Video game voiceover for KOM@TU Darmstadt


Ouverture des Fracs-Juges by H. Berlioz - full score (full score excerpt)
Epic II from Hadestown - full score (full score excerpt) (piano reduction excerpt)
The Life I Lead from Mary Poppins - piano reduction + vocals (piano reduction excerpt)


Frederick Brandes

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